Forresta in Villar Land Daang Reyna Alabang by Brittany


Forresta Villar Land by Brittany

Floor Plans

Forresta offers lots that are perfect for those who want to combine the warmth and traditions of suburban living with modern-day facilities and amenities.

Envisioned to be a quaint, nurturing pocket community, Forresta offers a convenient and complete suburban lifestyle in the South.

The lots in Forresta Villar Land are designed for families, giving the right amount of comfort and function. With well-planned lot layouts, it is a set-up that works for any family. Brittany Corporation makes sure that what you get in Forresta Alabang is more than your money's worth.

Forresta Brittany is a good choice for Filipinos looking for elegant community living, those dreaming of having their own homes with their families, as Forresta offers lot packages you can choose from.

  • Land Area: 19-Hectares
  • Residential Development: 5.1-Hectare
  • Mininum Lot Area: 809 sqm
  • Maximum Lot Area: 1,523 sqm

Forresta in Villar Land Daang Reyna Alabang by Brittany